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My soap-box

Still I write my songs about that dream of mine, worth everything I may ever be

28 December
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{ A B O U T - M E }
My name’s Kate; I live in Sydney; I’m 20; blonde hair; blue eyes; short; uni student; loves reading; loves writing; loves music; loves movies; overly sarcastic and cynical; wants to travel the world; one day hopes to live in Europe;

{ B O O K S }
Harry Potter; Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse; the Vampire Chronicles; the Tomorrow Series; The Art of Living; Z for Zachariah; Dracula; classics; etc

{ M U S I C }
ABBA; André Rieu; the Beatles; Bond; Billy Joel; classical; Danny Elfman; Dixie Chicks; Enya; Epica; George Harrison; Hans Zimmer; Josh Groban; Mae; Martina McBride; Michael Bublé; Mika; Mike Oldfield; Motown; Nightwish; OK Go; Paul McCartney; soundtracks/film scores; the Ten Tenors; Veronicas; Within Temptation; etc;

{ T V }
Gilmore Girls; Moonlight; 20 to 01; Thank God You’re Here; Home and Away; Family Guy; The Simpsons; The Sketch Show;

{ M O V I E S }
Pearl Harbor; Chicago; Van Helsing; Shirley Temple movies; V for Vendetta; Billy Elliot; Fight Club; Not Without My Daughter; Alfred Hitchcock; Aeon Flux; Independence Day; Interview with the Vampire; Everything is Illuminated; anything Disney; the Lord of the Rings; The Emperor’s New Groove; Pirates of the Caribbean; Audrey Hepburn movies; The Sound of Music; Star Wars; Hairspray; etc;

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